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PikaShow APK Download v86 Latest Version

Pikashow is a live TV app for the live streaming of video content in different categories. This streaming platform brings non-stop cricket action to your Android screen. Moreover, you can also watch thousands of the latest movies & series. Watch TV shows, TV show seasons, web series, and TV series. It is a one-stop shop for all kinds of entertainment lovers. From cricket to comedy and from movies to TV shows. All kinds of entertainment lovers can get plenty from this incredible live-streaming platform. 

Video entertainment is the public demand in most parts of the world. People love to entertain themselves with different sorts of video content. Various entertainment industries are serving to entertain people via video content. One can watch movies & TV shows to entertain himself/herself. Some people love to watch web series, TV series & TV seasons. Millions of people are crazy about cricket. Cricket is the world’s second-most favorite sport. It has over 1 billion followers and viewers around the world. 

Pikashow brings an opportunity for those cricket lovers to enjoy watching cricket live. One can watch unlimited cricket streaming live with this app. There are also thousands of movies and TV shows for entertainment lovers. This app is a complete entertainment package. It entertains a wide range of categories. 

What is PikaShow?

It is one of the favorite live-streaming apps in India for entertainment lovers. Live cricket streaming was the initial purpose of this app Moreover, only Indian users used it at the start. But its success and popularity crossed the boundary lines of India. Now it is used globally in different countries in the world. This app is not just a cricket streaming app. It also has plenty of entertainment for movie and TV show lovers. In addition to it, it has a plethora of video content in plenty of other categories. 

Features of PikaShow

This live-streaming app encloses several awesome features in it. These features make it unique and excellent. It is better than many live TV apps and streaming platforms. 

Huge Amount of Entertainment Content 

Most live streaming and TV apps come up with a small amount of content. But this one has a plethora of content. One can enjoy an unending amount of video entertainment in various categories. 

HD Quality Live Cricket Streaming

Cricket lovers love Pikashow. Because this app brings HD-quality streaming of all live cricket matches. Never miss a ball from your favorite cricket matches. You can stream live & exclusive cricket action. Watch your desired cricket matches and team on your Android screen. Watch IPL 2023 Live. Enjoy ICC World Cup matches. Watch all the matches of the Indian Cricket team. Enjoy International cricket from all the top teams. Watch globally popular leagues of franchise cricket. Keep yourself entertained with HD quality non-stop live cricket action. 

Watch Thousands of Movies 

Movie lovers can also get plenty from this awesome online movie streaming app. You can stream & download thousands of movies in various categories. Enjoy non-stop action & thriller from Hollywood movies. Watch romantic, action, and comedy movies of Bollywood. Enjoy thousands of movies from all the local and globally popular film industries.

Web Series, TV Shows, Seasons & Much More

The PikaShow app brings unlimited joy to entertainment lovers. You can watch the latest TV shows, TV seasons, web series, comedy shows, reality shows, and much more. Keep your entertainment on the go. Enjoy the unending entertainment content of this video streaming app. Enjoy the latest series & movies on paid platforms. Watch Netflix, Zee5, Voot, Amazon Prime Videos, and others. 

Download Movies & Videos

You can also download different online streams, movies, and videos from this app. It offers fast & high-quality downloads. You can download your favorite movies and videos in HD quality. This app allows you to switch various video qualities for your downloads.

Regular Library Updates

The live TV section of this app contains plenty of channels in various categories. One can enjoy all the popular TV channels in India. You can watch Star Sports Network for Cricket and Sports streaming. Get unlimited entertainment from Sony network channels. Enjoy all the popular channels of Zee TV. In addition to that, there are plenty of other sports channels and TV channels to enjoy.

Built-in Multifunctional Media Player

Pikashow Apk includes a perfect media player with all the features of a media player. You can control the brightness & volume of your video. Swipe on either side of the display screen to adjust the volume or brightness. You can pause or resume the video or live streaming. Moreover, this app lets you customize the speed of video streaming. You can switch to different video speeds from 0.25x to 3x. You also have the luxury to switch different video quality. This app also lets you customize the audio quality and audio settings. 

Buffering Free Streaming

Usually, users have to face buffering while streaming any live telecast or video. Because most streaming apps do not have powerful servers. But this streaming platform is reliant on very powerful and fast servers. These servers cover a huge amount of users. These also ensure buffering-free streaming. All the users can enjoy non-stop entertainment without any buffering.

Simple & Easy Interface with Categorize Data View

The simple, easy, and straightforward interface of this app also gives it perfection. Moreover, all the content is categorized into different sections, categories, and folders. You can access any of your desired content with ease. You can also mark different content and channels as your favorite to access them with ease.

Chrome Casting

Chrome Casting feature is becoming very popular among the people. People demand Chrome cast features from different apps. Chrome cast is a technology. It lets you cast any of your mobile apps or stream videos on your TV screen. This streaming app also lets you cast your mobile streaming on Android TV. This feature lets you stream videos on Android TV and Firestick. 


Make your video streaming more expressive with subtitles. Sometimes you do not understand the language of a movie. Sometimes you have to translate a video in your language. Video subtitles are perfect in this situation. With Pikashow, you can enable subtitles for different videos. Subtitles will help you to understand videos with ease. Moreover, subtitles also make the videos expressive and understandable. You can use subtitles in various languages. Are subtitles not available for some videos & languages? Don’t worry. Because you can download online subtitles.

PiP Mode

PiP (Picture in Picture) mode is the latest & smartest feature. This feature will create a small popping window. This window will contain all your video streaming. This will help you to free the rest of the screen to open other apps & perform your tasks. This means you can do any of the tasks on your mobile while enjoying your favorite videos in the PiP window. 

Compatibility with a Wide Range of  Android Devices

This app comes with wide compatibility. You can use this app on a wide range of devices. It is compatible with all types of Android mobiles, smartphones, android TVs, Firesticks, and other smart devices.

Recording Feature

This feature lets you record different live streams and video streaming. You can watch these records later in your mobile gallery. Share your favorite stream records with your best friends and family members. 

Free of Cost Streaming Platform

Whenever you think about a streaming platform, you think of costly premium subscriptions. But now you can get rid of all sorts of paid subscriptions with this app. Stream all your favorite videos, TV channels, sports channels, TV shows, and much more for free. This app also brings videos of different paid platforms for free. You can watch video content from Amazon Prime Videos,  Voot, Netflix, etc for free.


This app may be banned in your region or your app might be outdated. Download the latest & 100% working app from this site and try again. If still it is not working then use a VPN app to open & use Pikashow.

Your app version may not support video download. Uninstall the old app and get the latest & advanced version of the app from this website. Our latest version app supports all the features including movie downloads. 

No, this app is not harmful by any means. Developers have fixed all the bugs & viruses. Moreover, this app is 100% legal to use for video streaming. 

It is an Indian product. Initially, it was providing services in India. But now, Pikashow has users from all over the world. 


Video streaming apps are one of the major sources of video entertainment. Thousands of apps are available in this regard. Most video streaming apps or video streaming apps are not good. Because these are either paid or contain a very small amount of video content. 

But PikaShow Apk is perfect in every regard for all android users. It has all those awesome features that one can expect from a free mobile TV app. It brings HD-quality video content in different sections & categories. Enjoy your favorite HD movies. Enjoy a huge amount of content on TV shows, TV seasons, Web series, & TV series.

Watch popular TV channels for free. Get unstoppable Live cricket action in ultra-quality without buffering. Record live streaming of videos & download different movies. Keep your entertainment on the go without spending a penny. So get the app file now from the download page.


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